Join TCPL in welcoming Eddie Price, Historian, award winning Author, and speaker for the Kentucky Humanities Council Speakers Bureau. Teens may join Eddie Price as he presents Homemaking on the Kentucky Frontier. Take a journey back to 1811 and experience homemaking on the Kentucky frontier—“from the ground up.” After clearing timberland, fencing off pastures, and planting crops, homemakers involved themselves in every aspect of building a home from available materials. Roofing, flooring, insulation, heating, water supply, and lighting were considerations then as now. Learn how frontier folk cultivated and preserved their food, made their clothes, doctored their families, and still found time for recreation and religion. Cooking on open hearths, hemp and flax breaking, heckling, spinning, weaving and dyeing are examined. The audience will appreciate the severity of disease and how little medical knowledge existed in the early 1800’s. Native American and folk remedies are discussed, along with frontier religion and recreational activities. Eddie Price displays utensils used by early Kentuckians and educates with a colorful PowerPoint slideshow.