Adrienne Gilbert

Job Title: Circulation Desk Clerk/ILL


Adrienne assists at the Circulation Desk and also helps process Inter-Library Loans.

Cayla Rucker

Job Title: Circulation Desk Clerk

Cayla assists patrons at the Main Circulation Desk. 

Chanda Calhoun

Job Title: Circulation Desk Clerk/ILL


Chanda heads up our Main Circulation Desk and also helps process Inter-Library Loans.

Cindy Williams

Job Title: Adult Services Librarian


Cindy Williams is the Adult Services Librarian at TCPL. Her main duties involve creating and maintaining interesting, useful library programs for adults.

Dalton Bennett

Job Title: Young Adult Librarian

You can find Dalton cooking up fun, exciting programs for our TCPL Teens! From book clubs, to crafts, to improv, and beyond, Dalton always has something engaging for kids age 12-17.

Debbie Parson

Job Title: Cataloging Librarian


As Cataloging Librarian, Debbie works behind the scenes to order and process incoming library materials. 

Dee Doss

Job Title: Library Page

Dee's primary responsibility is to shelve returned library materials and keep our shelves in good order. She also assists at the Main Circulation Desk.

Emily Snyder

Job Title: Media Specialist


Emily manages the library's social media, website, and print publications. She attends programs to document library events, and also books one-on-one appointments for technology help through our Book-a-Techy program.

Julie Sterchi

Job Title: Office Manager


Julie wears many hats at TCPL including office management, helping with book clubs, and working at the circulation desk.

Kelsie Pepper

Job Title: Outreach Librarian


Kelsie Pepper heads up the Outreach Services at the library. She visits schools, the housing authority, daycares, and other classrooms providing literacy enrichment activities. She also created Project Rio which seeks to connect incarcerated parents with their children through children's books.