Natasha Nall, our Bookmobile Librarian, visits different spots throughout the week. If the schedule needs to be changed due to weather, holidays, etc. we will post an update on the library's Facebook page. Visit Natasha and the Bookmobile to take advantage of free books! If you're interested in having the Bookmobile come to you, fill out the Bookmobile Request Form here or call the library at 270-465-2562. 

May/June/July Bookmobile Schedule:


3-4 PM: Ravine Way (except May 30, June 20, July 4, & July 11)


3-4 PM: David Street (except June 22 & July 13)


9-11 AM: Read + Play at the Kids Spot Playground (Starting in June) (except June 23 & July 14)

3-4 PM: Apache Street (except June 23 and July 14)


10:45-11:45 AM: Green River Ministries (except June 24, July 15, & July 22)