Monday, April 29, 2019 Emily Snyder
Hi everyone! Kelsie Pepper here, your friendly Outreach Librarian, to introduce you to action rhymes! I LOVE using these in all the different places I go when I read to young children, and they do too! Exploring the world of language while moving their bodies is great fun for most toddlers. Rhymes combined with body movement also provide toddlers opportunities to enhance their language skills.

What are they?

Action rhymes involve the use of rhymes and body movements that promote the development of oral language. While engaging in action rhymes with adults or other children, toddlers hear and begin to understand that certain words sound similar. This is an important step in phonological awareness.

What does it look like?

Action rhymes are short rhymes, either sung or spoken, that include body movements and tell a story. Ring Around the Rosie is an example of an action rhyme. It involves a toddler singing the rhyme while walking in a circle and then falling down when the rhyme says “...We all fall down.” You can find other action rhymes that will help build a toddler’s word skills by searching on the internet for "action rhymes." You can also find rhyming words to use in making up your own action rhymes by searching the internet with the term "rhyming words."

If you're new to the world of action rhymes, we have a weekly program for babies through age 2 called Rhyme Time. During this time we sing, read, and play with the kids, and you'll definitely walk away with some songs in your repertoire to incorporate at home! Rhyme Time meets every Tuesday morning at 9:30 AM.