How-To Festival

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How-To Festival

Saturday, July 15 from 12 PM-2 PM

Would you like to learn how to brew a good cup of coffee, tie a scarf, make butter in a jar, and download podcasts, all at the same time? We thought so!

Presenting the How-To Festival, an afternoon dedicated to learning a variety of different skills! During this year's How-To Festival, you will have the chance to learn:
  • How to Brew a Good Cup of Coffee (w/ Harden Coffee)
  • How to Make Butter in a Glass Jar
  • How to Tie Scarves
  • How to Find and Download Podcasts
  • How to Improve Your Cell Phone Photography Skills (w/ Suzie Trejo Williams)
  • How to Use Mango Languages and Universal Class 
  • How to Use Essential Oils Safely for Pets 
  • How to Correct Common Grammar Mistakes
This event is "come-and-go" and free to everyone!

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