War: Past, Present and Future

War: Past, Present and Future 

Thursday, March 23rd, at 6:00 pm  

Community Room 

If you love military history, this program is for you. Lt. Colonel William D. Ritter from Campbellsville University will be giving a talk on war. Tea will be served. No registration needed.

A brief review of Army History from WWI to the present day.

We will look at the downsizing of the Army after WWI. Its rebuilding requirements for WWII and how the downsizing after WWII affected Korean War efforts. We will look at what the Army did in Korea and Vietnam, at the mission for public sentiments, and how the results of the Vietnam war affected the change in Army policies. We’ll look at what the Army did during the Cold War era, and how its role changed after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. We will look at how the Army ramped back up for Desert Shield/Desert Storm and how it had a new reliance on reserve forces. We will look the downsizing after Desert Shield/Desert Storm and what the Army did in eastern Europe in the 1990s, and how 9/11 affect Army policies. We’ll look at the on-going wars in the Middle East and what the way ahead is, with the new one-war focus and the changing of doctrine to pay more attention to the Asian/Pacific area of operations.

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