Concealed Carrying and Self-Defense with Shellie Kendall

Concealed Carrying and Self-Defense

 with Shellie Kendall 

2 separate days of Basic CCDW Qualification, Friday, March 10th OR Saturday, March 11th
Beginning at 9am each day

After the indoor training, we will meet at a private firing range at 1:00 p.m. for the outdoor qualification portion of training. This is an opportunity to learn, while in a non-intimidating setting, the skills to safely handle a firearm to qualify for a Kentucky CCDW permit. 
There will be a limit of 20 applicants each day. 

Register and pay $75 per person at the front desk for one of two sessions: March 10th or March 11th. Applicants must reserve by Wednesday, March 8, 2017 and receive the additional information needed for the course. Applicants must be over the age of 21 to apply through any Kentucky County Sheriff's Department for a permit to carry a concealed firearm. 

In addition to the CCDW course, students will also learn:

•to recognize a potential threat
•the value of healthy lifestyle practices
•the advantage of mental and physical fitness
•to develop both silent and verbal communication
•how to become confident with a survivor's mindset.

Kentucky Certified CCDW Instructor Shellie Kendall:
Shellie will be offering a Kentucky-approved basic certification and qualification course for an individual over the age of 21 to apply through any Kentucky County Sheriff's Department for a permit to carry a concealed firearm. As a career law enforcement officer, instructor and investigator, she has served in Tennessee and Kentucky since 1987. She now continues her service in the private sector. As a sworn officer, she investigated crimes of domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, assault, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, purse snatching, carjacking, home invasion, homicide, suicide, and narcotics.

Keep in mind:
  • No loaded weapons or magazines are to be brought into the library. 
  • Students will receive instructions and all weapons will be inspected. 
  • All ammo must be factory-manufactured. 
  • No reloaded ammo is permitted.
  • Applicants are encouraged to bring a simple cleaning kit.

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