Healthy Home, Healthy You!

Healthy Home, Healthy You

Tuesday, June 21st, at 6:00pm 

TCPL Community Room 

Come learn some basic ways to make your home a place of health and tranquility. We will cover some ways to organize your clutter with some tips on how to begin a life of minimalism. Do you or your children struggle with allergies even when inside? This could be due to indoor allergens. If this is a constant issue for you and your family, you will definitely want to check out this program. When it comes to having a healthy home, we can't forget how a clean home makes us feel. Cleaning is a never fun, but you can make it more fun by creating your own environmentally friendly cleaners. You will leave with a few new recipes to keep your home spic n' span without all the harsh chemicals. Lastly, Feng Shui is not as strange as you think. In simple terms, we will learn some calming and energizing colors, how to make your furniture arrangement flow, and the energizing affects of indoor plants. This program is going to be a blast. No signup required.

If you have any questions, email Jessie Harden Yates at 

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